AnalysisTo be competitive, you need to know your competitors, a Business Analysis audit will give you the in-depth knowledge needed to keep your finger on the industry pulse, and the ability to make your digital content unique in style, and compelling for your target audience. An audit will identify stronger competitors, and where you should try to emulate them, as well as weaker competition, and methods to avoid, all to keep you in tune with your customers.

  • Who are your industry competitors?
  • What are they doing well, where are they going wrong?
  • How can you ensure that you stay competitive?
  • What is the digital landscape of your industry?
  • Where are the digital strategy opportunities?
  • Can your digital strategy be informed by trends in other industries?
  • Is your online positioning in step with your competitors?

Additionally, an audit can cover things including customer personas, target market strategies, brand awareness in your industry, and a host of other audit elements, all designed to keep you competitive, and give you a digital solution for your online presence.

These 3 additional questions essential to ask and answer:

  1. What do your customers need and what stops them buying from you?
  2. What resources do you need to enable growth and where are your key gaps?
  3. Can you achieve this with existing tech or do you need to invest in new tools to increase capability?


  • Comprehensive market and business analysis (including customer and analytics data)
  • Application of relevant trends to your business model and customer set
  • Creation of a realistic prioritized ecommerce roadmap aligned with business goals
  • Digital marketing strategies for acquisition and retention
  • Operational resourcing plan aligned with growth targets


  • Prioritized set of activities to deliver ecommerce growth
  • Measurement framework and performance benchmarking
  • Customer experience audits and tactical plans to improve online UX


  • Helping you find the best-fit technology & business partner
  • Proven structured process for evaluating and scoring ecommerce platforms & suppliers
  • Comprehensive ‘total cost of ownership’ cost modelling
  • Due diligence to ensure the decision made has been properly evaluated
  • Project management from end-to-end, or providing guidance to your existing team

We have experience working with BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Shopware, Episerver, Hybris, Intershop and Salesforce with a framework that can be applied to any platform evaluation.


  • Helping your business upskill internally, through training and recruitment
  • Connecting digital teams to relevant skilled specialists through our industry connections
  • Providing ongoing digital strategy advice, support and guidance