What does an ECommerce Consultant do exactly?What does an ECommerce Consultant do exactly?

Electronic Commerce, or ECommerce, is generally referred to the distribution, marketing, sale or supply of goods and services by electronic means.

ECommerce Consultants are experts in all online business matters. As computers and devices expand into all elements of our lives, the frequency and volume of online transactions will continue to rise. As the internet’s largest e-commerce retailer, Amazon.com posts billions of dollars in net sales each year. Though there are many reasons why they are so successful, having a well-trained core of ECommerce Consultants staffing their various departments is definitely a big part of the success.

ECommerce Consultants are responsible for analyzing businesses, designing E-Commerce plans to market it, track its progress towards established goals, and have the knowledge to adjust the plan as conditions arise. ECommerce Consultants should be well versed in search engine optimization, blogging, search engine markets, social media marketing, branding, as well as product promotions. They will often work with Product Ambassadors (or Brand Ambassadors) to get the word out about your on-going promotions.

Working as an eCommerce Consultant, provides a range of flexibility and depending on client needs, you could drift in and out to help a startup company as needed to make its mark in a new market, or alternatively, you could be full hands on, working in-house at an established firm, to keep its ECommerce efforts at the leading edge of trend using connections to Bloggers and big name players in social media outlets.

How is a consultant going to make you more money? What should you expect when you hire an ECommerce consultant who knows what types of moves to make to increase market share, traffic and sales for your business.
What is ECommerce consulting? In short, it’s getting help from someone who’s done it before…successfully. Someone with a track record of success in the industry backed by experience, knowledge and examples to prove it. We can help if:

* Your sales are slow and you’re losing online shoppers
* Your conversion rates are poor
* You are experiencing cart abandonment
* Your online ECommerce store is experiencing a sales downturn
* You are having difficulty growing your ECommerce business

ECommerce consultants increase sales and the value of your business with minimal disruption or drain on resources. A good ECommerce consultant is hard to find. You’ll often find many that don’t want to get their hands dirty. We take pride in taking on customer’s challenges whether it’s web development, SEO, Adwords or help with a custom integration.

Using a consultant or consulting group allows for a more comprehensive deep dive into your ecommerce business and achieve maximum results for the long haul.