Strengthen Your eCommerce Integration

Can your eCommerce website perform without robust back-end support? No, it can’t. The foundation must be strong for you to meet customer expectations.

Why Custom Integration

Unless there is strong coordination between the front end and the back end of your website, things will not run smoothly. When operations aren’t running smoothly, you will face numerous problems related to missing orders, incomplete orders, unfulfilled carts, and many other problems. You wouldn’t want that for your business, would you?

A bi-directional flow of information is needed for an eCommerce platform to run smoothly. Unless you have an ERP, CRM, or even a WMS in place, you will not be able to coordinate with your wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, or even web customers. Additionally, without proper custom integration, keeping track of inventory can be very difficult. With a proper back-end ERP system in place, every time a customer places an order, the inventory count will get updated. Don’t you want to make your life simpler with more automation in your platform?

At eCommerce Guru, we emphasize custom integration to suit your business sensibilities.

Say Goodbye to Manual Order Entries
You can now say goodbye to manual data entries. A platform with all the necessary systems running in the background ensures that data integration is seamless, duplication of data is eliminated, and much time is saved on your behalf. Since automation improves speed, especially in data exchange, integration with Shopify, Magento, Amazon, and other popular eCommerce systems will help modernize your eCommerce platform.

Customer Friendly
Back-end integration of ERP applications can make your platform robust and user-friendly. As the back-end application work in sync with updated data, customers can receive updated notifications every time some product detail changes. They can keep track of their order easily too when you have the right ERP working in the background.

Grow Your Business in Newer Markets
We support multi-channel integration which means that we give your platform a chance to shine in newer markets. We give your business the adaptability it requires to operate in multiple online marketplaces. This we do without affecting any operational efficiency. Each time a new sales channel gets added, you obtain new customers. We help you diversify revenue streams and enhance customer experience while improving operational margins.

We help Overcome…
Understandably there are obstacles to eCommerce integration. But we overcome them by –

  • Completely understanding your business requirements,
  • Not relying on outdated legacy systems,
  • Working on a multichannel management system,
  • Always be transparent in how we manage the integration process.

Call Us for Your eCommerce Backend Integration!
You cannot ignore the need for custom integration anymore! Get your –

Customer Relationship Manager System (CRM)

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

in place!

We at eCommerce Guru are adept in custom integration of all necessary resources that can make your platform robust, attractive, and efficient. Our tech team will work in tandem with yours so that a plan can be charted that best meets all your requirements. Let’s join hands today for improving your better eCommerce platform!CRM