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You heard it right! You can now use the search engine giant to promote your products. Thanks to the Google Merchant Center you can now upload and update product information directly to Google. With the Merchant account integration, you can promote products through ads, product searches, and images across Google, Shopping Actions Shopping ads, local inventory ads, or other available programs.

How does Google Merchant Center Works?

The Google Merchant Center is a tool promoted by Google that allows eCommerce business owners to directly update their product information for Google Shopping. You can post ads, update price-related information, and product availability using this tool for Google. This tool then displays updated and accurate ads of all your listed products.

Keep in mind, that the sale doesn’t happen on Google.  It merely acts as a platform to display product-related information. Every purchase directly happens on your eCommerce site. A portion of the profit, however, must be paid to Google for the promotion – a sort of commission.

Using Google Merchant Center improves visibility. Since your products get displayed on the search engine itself, they get noticed far more easily and frequently. A win-win situation for you.

What Can Google Merchant Center Do for Your Business?

  • Expand Your Business Presence – As the biggest search engine, promoting on the Google platform itself is a huge deal. Multiple shopping ads can be simultaneously displayed (as a shopping ad and a text ad) which can double your customer reach.
  • Improve Your Lead – The aim of lead generation is to turn traffic into leads who then become paying customers. When you promote your products directly on Google and get all necessary information displayed accordingly, customers are naturally attracted. When information is displayed on Google, customers can make informed decisions and they tend to come back for more.
  • Makes It Easy to Manage Ads – It is comparatively easy to display ads without categorizing them with keywords. Categorization happens automatically because Google segregates products according to relevant keywords that it picks up from updated product information fed into the Google Merchant Center.
  • Gives Updated Product Performance Stats – To know the performance of your products, Google updates product performance stats where every little detail is measured every quarter. In-depth analytics helps improve your business operations.

eCommerce Guru Helping You at Every Step
Navigating Google Merchant Center integration might seem difficult for a novice. But when you have the support of an eCommerce consulting firm, you need not worry. eCommerce Guru is your trusted consultant working at the backend to ensure that your eCommerce platform gets the diverse boost it requires to increase sales and revenue. We have a dedicated team of experts who walk you through the entire integration process, teach you the ropes to operate the dashboard singlehandedly and help you manage everything by yourself.

The Google Shopping experience can take your eCommerce business to the next level. Don’t be left behind.

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