nopCommerce Platform

Looking to run multiple stores from a single dashboard? nopCommerce development would be a perfect choice. The world of ecommerce development is constantly evolving and businesses often have to rely on niche online stores to increase their footprint. You don’t have to use multiple tools or dashboards to manage your store. At eCommerce Guru, we make it easy for you with nopCommerce development.

One Dashboard and Multiple Stores
Our nopCommerce developers have expertise in configuring this ecommerce development platform for multi-store operation. You can manage all your stores with a single nopCommerce installation and dashboard. We let you manage operations and inventory across stores on a single administration panel. Your stores can be as diverse as it gets with multi-lingual and multi-currency operations across different parts of the world.

Our nopCommerce developers have expertise in creating unique online stores that run on a single dashboard.  From multiple brands and product stores to B2B and B2C stores, we let you be in command of your business on a single dashboard. Whether you plan to launch a micro store for a promotional campaign or plan for co-branded and affiliate stores, we have you covered.

Why Mult-Store nopCommerce Development?

  • Sell products in different categories in different stores for more customer loyalty
  • Set different payment methods for each store based on the target audience
  • Run multi-lingual stores to target different geographies
  • Support multiple currencies across different stores for more sales
  • Set varied shipping methods and tax rules based on product category
  • Create microsites to tap into seasonal demand for products
  • Set different rules for orders and product filtering in different stores

nopCommerce multi-store developments open new opportunities for your ecommerce business. Let our developers implement a multi-store environment for your business and help you grow in scale and revenue. For more information on nopCommerce development contact us today.

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