SPE is a key resource for technical knowledge providing opportunities to exchange information at in-person and online events and training courses, publications, and other resources. SPE manages key industry resources including OnePetro and PetroWiki, in addition to publishing magazines, books and peer-reviewed journals.

Key Features

SPE is an online e-commerce platform that provides unparalleled insights, shared expertise, lifelong learning, and community strength. Users can sign-up & log in. Users can search for products, filter products, add to cart, checkout, wishlist products, and make an online payment for their orders. Users can view order details under my account. Users can get emails on new products added to the site.


SSO – SSO integration with SPE.org
Digital Product – Support the Adobe Digital Editions, Amazon Kindle, Ipad, E-book, etc.
Reporting – Custom Reporting with for Accounting system
Shipping – Custom UPS, FedEx and USPS integration
Payment – PayPal Pay Flow Pro, Quote Generation


Able Commerce